Welcome to my review policy. Here's some information you might find interesting to know about my reviews. I'd quickly like to mention that I do not request/read ARC's right now. I buy my own books and read them at my own time. 


The genres I like to read are the following:
YA fiction
• fantasy,
• science fiction,
• historical fiction,

Adult fiction
• fantasy,
• historical fiction.


My reviews are always a 100% honest and entirely my own opinion. I always try to talk about all the aspects of the book (characters, writing, story, world-building, etc.) while keeping the review spoiler-free. When I feel the need to discuss spoilers, I will always put that under a spoiler-warning.

Where do I post my reviews:
• my blog
• Goodreads

When do I post my reviews:
My reviews are usually posted a few days or weeks after I finished the book. It depends on how many books I finish and how many of those I review.

How I read
I read physical books AND ebooks. I usually finish a book within a week. It depends on how I like the book and how long the book is.


5/5 A great read! Possibly a new favorite.
4.5/5 Almost great.
4/5 A good book, I enjoyed it. Average rating.
3.5/5 I enjoyed the biggest part of the book.
3/5 I didn't enjoy it very much. 
2/5 A lot of things must bother me before I give a 2 star rating.
1/5 Rubbish.
0/5 Didn't finish it.


All photos on this blog are taken by me unless stated otherwise. My photos can't be used without permission. Book covers are from Goodreads or Google. Book summaries are from Goodreads. All books are purchased with my own money.


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