November 22, 2016

I'm hosting a book challenge!

For the month of December I’m hosting a book challenge on Instagram. The theme is Bookish Christmas and the challenge runs from December 1st till the 31st. I’m sure you’re familiar with what a book challenge is, but for those of us who are still in the dark: post a picture onto IG each day following the prompts of the challenge. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

The Challenge

I explained each prompt a little to give you some ideas or inspiration.

1. (Least) favorite thing about xmas: I think this one’s pretty self explanatory. Pick something you do or don’t like about Christmas. Tell us all about it so everyone can get to know each other a little better.
2. Book + xmas treats/bookish food: literally any food will do!
3. Other hobbies: what are your other hobbies? What are you into besides reading?
4. Ugly xmas sweater: it doesn’t even have to be an ugly one, any cozy sweater will do. But if you have a real ugly sweater you better show it off! Other options are bookish merch, santa hat,...

5. Book + fave warm beverage: what’s your go to beverage around Christmas time?
6. Red & white books: Santa inspired!
7. Book + fairy lights: because now is the time to go all out with fairy lights, people!
8. Shelfie: take a picture of your bookshelf! It you’ve decorated it for Xmas then that’s even better.
9. Xmas wishlist: what books are you asking Santa to bring? Any other items on your wishlist?
10. Red books: Rudolph the red nosed reindeer...
11. Christmas playlist: what music do you listen to around this time of year?

12. Currently reading: what book(s) are you currently reading? Are there some Christmas themed ones?
13. Fave Christmas movie: what do you watch every single year to get into the Christmas vibes? Any classics you watch with your entire family?
14. Green books: Grinch inspired!
15. Winter essentials: this could be your favourite pair of mittens or your cutest hat, it could be a blanket or a candle - literally anything’s possible. Maybe you’d like some snow in your bookish picture? Don’t get your books wet though...
16. Book + candle(s): nothing makes a space more cosy than a candle. Or 100.
17. Book & bookmark(s): if you own Christmas themed bookmarks then you WIN.
18. Red & green books: basic Christmas colors.

19. Silver or gold: ANYTHING silver, gold, bronze, rose-gold,… will do.
20. Book + baubles/deco: do you have a couple of favourite baubles or deco?
21. Fave xmas scene in a book: can’t miss this one!
22. Fictional xmas party guests: who’d you invite to your Christmas party?
23. Book + present: a present you’re giving to someone or one you’ve already received. I’m always curious to see how people wrap their gifts.
24. Bookish xmas tree: building a Christmas tree with books!
25. Christmas sock sunday: sock sunday with the most Christmas-y socks you own.

26 Underrated books: share some books that everyone should read or just deserve a little more love.
27 Biggest reading disappointment of the year: pretty self explanatory. What book let you down the most this year?
28 Your xmas presents: show off the gifts you received or bought for yourself (TREAT YO SELF!).
29 Book and stationary: I told you I was going to make it a thing. Completely not related to Christmas though… unless you get creative and find a way to make it Christmas-y after all.
30 Favourite books of the year: show some love for your favourites of 2016
31 Books read this month: December wrap up!

Have fun

How you interpret these prompts is completely up to you. These are only guidelines. Honestly, you do you. Get creative and have fun while participating in this challenge. That’s all that matters. You don’t have to post every single day either.

If you are participating, use the hashtag #merrybookishxmas16 so everyone can see your photos.

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